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Michelob Pure Gold CEO

I have been thinking about rain. One day as it began to rain I was outside journaling. Drops falling on a handwritten page, the ink spreads out a bit, loses its crispness. It’s rarely pleasant. But every now and then, hidden colors emerge. You discover that simple black ink is green and shades of blue with a fragile pink edge. This was my fleeting thought as I lay waiting for sleep. With a notebook beside my bed composed of many passing thoughts, I jotted this one down. Each day, too many ideas occur and disappear without the chance to bloom; I choose to capture mine and pursue them. 


And once entangled in a new challenge, I attack it. Passionate about health and fitness, I applied to bring a national fitness organization to my college campus as a mere freshman. I interviewed, created videos and underwent training for 6 months to forge this organization that liberates women in the fitness world. I ultimately showed this group of women that fitness can be fun and created an empowering community along the way. These women loved the organization and my dedication to it. I loved working for it, feeling the thrill of a true challenge.


I am so ready to undertake the position as CEO for my next adventure. I have always had a deep connection and love for nature, but my graphic design background gives me the artistic eye that is needed for the perfect shot. Always pushing myself to be my best; I will do whatever it takes to find and capture the best view.


If I am composed of ink, the black conglomerate portrays that I've been an outgoing leader and a determined go-getter. A million inks look no different. Yet divide me: the shades of blue are my ever-branching interests, the rippling rivers of my curiosity. The emerald green glow is my pulsing energy, my vigorous passion to create and my ceaseless drive to achieve. And my pink edge- that’s the secret key, the most hidden yet most integral, the uniting, driving force behind it all. It’s my enjoyment. I love finding possibilities that no one else sees, improving something as no one else did, solving problems that no one else knew existed. To me, pursuing the solution to a complex problem is the most fulfilling thing. That’s when I'm happiest. And that is my edge. 


Perhaps I seem at first a nondescript black - but wait until my hues shine through.

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